Screen Printing is what we are famous for.  We take your graphics and separate the colors in your graphic. We then make individual permanent “Silk Screens” for each color of your graphic.  After that, we apply permanent ink to your shirts, color-by-color and run through a conveyor dryer to cure the ink. Every color and placement of graphic added to your shirt adds cost in silk screen setup, art, and per garment.  It doesn’t matter the physical size of the graphic, small or large all costs the same.  MT Shirts has also been known for numbering, teaming, organizing whole sports leagues.  We make sure every participant on every team has a number on the back of their jersey that doesn’t duplicate another player on the team.




Heat pressing garments come in handy when doing a small quantity run of shirts with multiple colors, when doing numbering of a team, or working with odd fabric/shapes.  We create a transfer of your graphic either digitally or by color and simply press the ink on the fabric with a high end professional heat press.  Heat pressing has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to budget/quality/appearance/deadlines.


Embroidery is a way we apply a stitch pattern to your graphic, then apply that stitching to your garments. We take your graphic (doesn’t matter how many colors) and “Digitize”.  Digitizing assigns where the embroidery machine will stitch every single thread up to thousands of stitches per design. This method is good for polos, jackets, hats and other smaller quantity orders.  The only setup cost is Digitizing and it doesn’t cost extra the more colors you do. The larger the graphic on the garment, the more stitches, the more stitches the higher the cost.

Customize Your Shirts


Art is the single most important detail to your custom shirts. MT Shirts gives our customers every opportunity imaginable to decorate your apparel the exact way you want it.

Here are the ways we do art: (Each way has cost/time/setup advantages based on your particular graphic)

  • You provide your art/logo for us to duplicate. (There are many different formats to submit your art in. Original Vector graphics(.eps) are the most affordable, efficient, proper way to submit your art)
  • You provide a concept and direction to our artist and we make it come to life for you.
  • You provide .jpg, pictures, shapes, colors, styles to our artists and we design it for you.

Once you have submitted your art we create, redraw, separate, mockup, work with customers, quote, suggest until you are happy.  Then we decide the best Method to apply your art to your garment.